Service Fee Packages

Pay as you go with our low service fees, or one of our packages may be an option:

Youth Free

Any child 18 years of age or under pays no service charges.

Masterplan $20.00/month

Available to consumer, farm accounts and non-profit organizations only. Unlimited Canadian cheque and debit processing including INTERAC® e-Transfer and Credit Union ATM withdrawals are a few of the many features of this plan.

Low Fee $5.00/month

Available to consumer and farm accounts only, includes 10 debit transactions per month, MEMBER CARD® debit card included, Internet Banking, Personalized cheques provided at cost.

Strictly Business® $50.00/month

Available to all commercial accounts. Unlimited Canadian cheque and debit processing, INTERAC® e-Transfer, bill payments and night depository services, are a few of the many features of this plan.

Heritage 60 $5.00/month

Available to all members aged 60 years or older. Unlimited Canadian cheque, debit processing, bill payments and Credit Union ATM withdrawals; plus a reduction in Safety Deposit Box rentals, are a few of the many features of this plan.

Post Secondary Students Free

Students attending a post secondary institution or an apprenticeship program pay no service charges on one chequing account.
Start saving today by choosing one of our Service Fee Packages!
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