Frequently Asked Questions

As a result of the change, we know you may have questions. We’ve captured some of the top Frequently Asked Questions below and would be happy to connect with you to answer any other questions you may have and to determine what card product will meet your needs.

When will my GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® card stop working?
The card will no longer work after May 22, 2019.

What about my pre-authorized payments?
If you have pre-authorized payments connected to your GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® card you will need to contact the business debiting your account directly to make alternative payment arrangements before May 22, 2019. If you need assistance with the process, please connect with us to work through the required changes.

How will I access my account after May 22nd?
Your account (chequing, line of credit, overdraft, etc.) will continue to work the same as it did before. You can access your funds in branch, online or through an ATM using your credit union debit card. If you do not have a debit card attached to your account, connect with us and we can set one up for you right away.

I use my GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® to book trips, rent cars, etc. What will I use now?
We recently launched a new suite of personal and business credit cards. Connect with us to discuss which card may be right for you or visit our website to view details of the full card line up.

Gold Card Travel Medical Insurance Cancellation
If you have a Gold GPC Card, please be advised that effective May 22, 2019, the Inclusive Travel Medical Insurance coverage provided by TD Life Insurance Company will be terminated. If you have any questions about your Inclusive Travel Medical Insurance coverage, please call Allianz Global Assistance at 1-866-520-8827 Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm (Eastern Time). If you are travelling and require Emergency Medical Care / Treatment before May 22, 2019, please call Allianz Global Assistance at 1-519-742-9356 available collect 24/7. Emergency Medical Care / Treatment on or after May 22, 2019 will not be covered. If your trip extends beyond this date, please consider arranging for appropriate alternate coverage.

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If you want information on opening an account with Foam Lake Savings and Credit Union Limited contact our office at 272-3385 or 1-877-722-FLCU(1-877-722-3528), or drop in at the branch.

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Need Access to Your Funds While Traveling ....
Traveling outside of Canada in the near future? Don't forget to notify Foam Lake Credit Union  of your travel plans at least one week prior to ensure you have access to your money and are able to use your MEMBER CARD® debit card or Global Payment Card while you are away.  When you call, please let us know the countries/US states you are traveling to, and the dates you will be away, and we will take care of the rest. Contact Us: 306-272-3385

Mobile Phone and Internet Security
Just a reminder that it is important to install security patch updates to operating system and ancillary software such as Oracle Java, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Flash as they become available.  This is another layer of protection in addition to sound security practices.  An excellent site with more tips to protect home computers and mobile devices is
Foam Lake Credit Union has added new Increased Authentication features to the login process for internet banking. These features provide an additional layer of protection against phishing scams. When you login you will be prompted to set up the new security features.  More information is available at the login page.

New information about Identity Theft has been added to our website, see the page Identity Compromise section at the bottom of this page.

Deposits held in Saskatchewan credit unions are fully guaranteed by Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.

Lost or stolen cards
Global Payment Mastercard® 1 306 506 1726
Everlink (TAP) Membercard® 1 888 277 1043
Mastercard® Credit Card 1 855 341 4643

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